Super Market Rigatos

Your one way stop to all your shopping needs

Super-Market Rigatos


Super Market RigatosSuper-Market Rigatos.
Your one way stop to all your shopping needs

Located at the center of the town of Lixouri, easily accessible at the sea side road. Do your everyday shopping and take advantage of special daily offers. Vast variety of products in the best possible prices.



RigatosThe company started at the start of the previous century (1905). It began it’s commercial activity from the village Kaminarata by Ilias Leon Rigatos, parallel with the cheese production facility.

The store at the village, destroyed with the earthquakes of 1953 and his son Leonidas Rigatos opens a tavern-general food store at the city of Lixouri.

At 1960 he closes the tavern and starts a General Food and Commerce activity till 1983, year when the company gets transferred to the children Antoni and Ilias under the name RIGATOS O.E.

At 2005 the company merged under the title AFOI L. RIGATOU AXTE that stands till today.




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